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Born in 2015, we are China-Japan based team focused on optical tracking and motion capture technology. Devoted to providing one-stop VR solution to various industries, we develop independently large-area multi-person interactive VR applications, motion analysis system and case-by-case content. With over 20 key patents, our core products, REALIS TRACKING SYSTEM (named as RTS) have won over customers from all over the world including China, Japan, Korea and Israel.
Equal to the existing world-class brands in terms of quality and specification, REALIS products have absolute cost advantage. In August 2016, we opened the very first game center in the world whose surface is 200㎡ allowing 8 people to play VR FPS game at real-time. With this successful experience, our ambition is to apply our solution in not only gaming industry, but also in fields such as education, military, construction, commercial manufacture.


    Pre-sales service: 400 892 0528
    After-sales service: 0086-755-82547135
    Hotline for day of rest (nighttime):0086-755-82547135

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