Realis 5G large space free-roaming VR shines in Commonwealth Games 2018

From 5 to 15 April 2018, The Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games (GC2018) welcomes more than 6,600 athletes and team officials from 71 Commonwealth nations and territories. In this event, Realis exhibits Wireless Large Space Multiplayer Free-Roaming VR experiences by 5th-Generation mobile network technology (5G) and cooperation with partners.

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Realis Wins the Third Prize of 2018 China Virtual Reality Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

With rich long term experience in market exploitation and key technologies, Realis stands out as the top 12 enterprises over 548 enterprises and has been awarded as the Third Prize winner.

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The king of Spain experienced the large-scale multi-person interactive VR experience based on 5G

The annual event, Mobile World Congress, has taken place in Barcelona, Spain from the 26th February to the 1st March 2018. Realis’s interactive VR solution was chosen by Huawei and Iwin to present low-latency VR experience with the 5G network on Telefonia’s booth.

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Onstage to the world once more, Realis is initiating the age of large-scale wireless virtual reality

CES 2018, International Consumer Electronics Show, will be held from the 9th to the 12th January in Las Vegas. Realis is going to make the scene in this event (booth in Sands Expo Convention Center, Wireless devices Zone 41767) competing alongside with these big brands. It is also the second presence on the global stage after its first appearance at 2017 MBBF of Realis's large-scale wireless VR solution, which was developed with its partner by getting over several technical barriers.

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Preview: REALIS – Bring a new escape game in TGS 2017

Since SIGGRAPH 2017, REALIS started its journey in overseas market with mature RTS optical motion capture system and rich experience content. There is no doubt that Tokyo Game Show 2017, which took place from September 21st -24th, is a great chance to show how RTS system works with GAMES.

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