Preview: REALIS – Bring a new escape game in TGS 2017

Since SIGGRAPH 2017, REALIS started its journey in overseas market with mature RTS optical motion capture system and rich experience content. There is no doubt that Tokyo Game Show 2017, which took place from September 21st -24th, is a great chance to show how RTS system works with GAMES.

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​News! Invitation from REALIS –Amazing VR Multiplayer Gaming on China Joy 2017

The annual interactive entertainment festival in China - China Joy, will take palce at end of this month, as the most influential of the digital entertainment fair, China Joy has attracted much attention. The most anticipated on China Joy is VR products.

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Joint laboratory - REALIS is focusing on VR military/education

Due to the new immersive VR free roam experience more and more accepted in the world, REALIS / CTVR and Nanjing Aeronautics & Astronautics University held a press conference in Nanjing on July 17, 2017, developed a VR Joint laboratory which focuses on VR National Defense field.

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